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“In times of crisis, more stereotypical feminine qualities like being collaborative, or good with people, are often seen as particularly important. Thus, it may be that women are thought to be more suitable in certain types of crisis situations, since they are believed to possess these kinds of social qualities more so than do men,” writes Marianne Cooper of Stanford University

We are equipped to be great transformational leaders, due to our strong tolerance for discomfort, high self-awareness, awareness of others, and a more collaborative leadership style.

According to a new study, in times of a crisis, women leaders with their strong interpersonal skills are perceived to be more trustworthy compared to their male counterparts.

In an organisational crisis, female (relative to male) leaders may generate more goodwill and resources for their organisation by using relational behaviours.

It is important to recognize that we are wired differently, and that we respond to crises differently. This unto itself is a major step forward to becoming and being authentic leaders.

Here are a couple of great videos to check out !!!

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