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Unlock Big Ideas with BrainstormingIt’s been said that negativity cramps creativity. I live by these words and clearly, so does Stephen J. Bronner.

Bronner’s experience with improv training led to insightful takeaways about brainstorming. His findings are something we can all learn from when it comes to discovering new ideas together.

Boost creative thinking with “yes, and…”

“Yes, but…” will lead you to a dead end where brainstormers feel judged, shut down, dismissed — and stupid. Although we try not to take these reactions personally and allow them to halt the progress of our ideas, oftentimes they do.

In fact, I have been in corporate meetings where it feels like there are people in the room with their head down over their phone or notebook, not appearing to be listening but rather just waiting to pounce with a “Yes, but!”

“Yes, and…” will take you to new and unexplored places where your next breakthrough idea could be right around the corner. “Yes, and…” are respectful, engaging, productive words which ultimately will lead to a more positive outcome — and a more positive workplace.

Like all new behaviours, encouraging “yes, and…” may take a couple of weeks of trial and error, but please try it in your next meeting. The results are worth it!

Encourage new ideas with the help of a brainstorming facilitator

Do you need help encouraging the “yes, and…” mindset in your team? Contact us today to see how we can help.

Unlock Big Ideas with Brainstorming