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It’s Halloween … there is literally candy everywhere … so I was inspired to focus on it!

There is a fun little ‘mixer’ exercise we love to use to create personal connections. We have used it in brainstorming sessions, storytelling sessions, and even at dinner parties!

We call it brain candy and here is how it works.

Provide each guest with a small individual box of Smarties. Ask each person to pour themselves a small handful of the Smarties… and then… with their eyes closed … to select one Smartie®. Once everyone has chosen their Smartie®, ask the following questions:

  • Red: What is your favourite memory?
  • Yellow: What is the weirdest thing you have ever tried in your life?
  • Purple: Tell us a funny story about your family.
  • Green: Tell us something no one knows about you.
  • Blue: Tell us if you had a nickname in school and how you got it.
  • Orange: What is the first and most important thing on your bucket list?
  • Brown: What is the funniest thing that ever happened to you at work?
  • Pink: Tell us about the worst date of your life?

NOTE: Never ever let the guests see the sheet of questions … the surprise and delight comes from not knowing the questions in advance.

Feel free to play with the questions, and insert anything you like that you think might be fun.

Here is a version we created for a dinner party of great friends who all own island cottages at Stoney Lake!

  • Red: What is your favourite memory on Stoney Lake?
  • Yellow: What is the weirdest thing that a guest has ever done at your cottage/most obnoxious guest story.
  • Purple: Tell us about your most memorable skinny dip.
  • Green: Tell us about the strangest thing you have ever found on your island.
  • Blue: Tell us your most memorable poison ivy story.
  • Orange: Tell us about your most incredible crossing.
  • Brown: What is the best ever prank you pulled on Stoney Lake?
  • Pink: Tell us the story of the first prop you lost by hitting a rock on Stoney!

Just for the fun of it … here is a little more brain candy for you! Enjoy!

  1. Smarties were introduced in 1937.
  2. Smarties are manufactured in York, England.
  3. Nearly 17,000 Smarties are eaten every minute in the UK.
  4. Nestlé Rowntree has produced 5,000 million Smarties over the last 25 years.

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