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As the pandemic continues to disrupt ‘business-as-usual’, we are all grappling with the unknown.

In this space of suspense, we often find more possibilities than if we prematurely close down a conversation with answers.

 Leaders need to learn the power of ‘I don’t know’. Those three words constitute a powerful answer that shows humility and self-confidence.

The fact is, nobody has all the answers because nobody has ever endured a global pandemic. When you’re faced with a challenge you’ve never encountered before, it’s okay not to know how to handle it.

In fact, when we don’t know what we’re doing, we actually become more daring!

During the pandemic, we are all experiencing lots of uncertainty about life, and having revelations about how we want to spend our time moving forward.

One of the fundamental things we are looking for is a sense of purpose … particularly in our work.

Braving the Way is a new fully customized program that I have launched to engage with your team, find out what they want, and link work to social purposes they care about.

You cannot hope to create unique and breakthrough approaches to your business in a vacuum. Nor can you plan without a deep and visceral understanding of the values and priorities of your staff.

Collaboration must include team members from all aspects of your business; purchasing, marketing, merchandising, logistics, supply chain and management. 

Work is no longer just about paying the bills! It’s about contributing within a culture of purpose, innovation, learning, and recognition.

The Great Resignation is very much upon us!



The time is now to embrace the diverse perspectives and voices of ALL members of our teams or risk losing them!