“I was first introduced to Marilyn two years ago at a brainstorming off-site with the Integrated Marketing Teams. Marilyn was leading the session and I was truly impressed with her ability to connect and lead a group of over 125 people. I still use takeaways from that off-site in my work today. Marilyn has an uncanny ability to adjust her style in order to connect with a variety of professionals as well as continue to engage them in her teachings. I would not hesitate to use her again.”

    — Amy Wigler, Vice President, Multiplatform Marketing and Content, PBS

    "Marilyn Barefoot has a unique ability to see the big picture and help connect the dots…which helped deliver breakthrough results.”

    — Kevin Matier, Vice President & General Manager, North America at Campbell Soup Company

    "While her BigStorming® process is unique, it is actually rooted in science, which is what makes it effective. But truly, the secret sauce is Marilyn; she brings these techniques to life in a manner that is hard to duplicate. In addition, she has made herself available to the team whenever needed for a phone call to help prep for an important brainstorming session. Her reputation with us and throughout the Viacom family is impeccable. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of business-building ideas… which is all of us, quite frankly."

    — Eddie Hill, Director of Video Specialists, Large Customer Sales Division
    Giant Tiger

    "We were all exhilarated with the brainstorming exercises and more importantly, what came out of the session....we will definitely have to avail ourselves of your expertise once again! Cheers and thank you!"

    — Joey Diaz, Executive Vice President and Chief Merchant - Merchandising and Marketing, Giant Tiger

    “Marilyn Barefoot is a tour-de-force and powerhouse of creativity and ideation, bringing unparalleled value to any organization’s strategies, innovation, problem-solving and decision-making. Her proven approach has consistently delivered exceptional results for many companies across diverse industries. I’ve known Marilyn for years, starting as my Diet Coke agency partner leading marketing programs at Coca-Cola. Her leadership of the creative teams and process ensured marketing programs and activations were distinct, on-strategy, and flawlessly executed during a period of unprecedented Diet Coke growth. I hold deep personal and professional respect for Marilyn’s talent, character, and unwavering positivity. She radiates optimism, empowering those around her with infectious energy. Her dedication, integrity, and strategic brilliance make her a transformative partner for any team. I can’t wait to work with Marilyn again.”

    — Toby Wong