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The Russian invasion of Ukraine has inspired many individuals and businesses to act quickly, unselfishly, and creatively.

The speed and creative thinking which many companies have employed is admirable!!

Every new company that joins the boycott gives another CEO the courage to do the same.

Airbnb offered free temporary housing to 100,000 Ukrainian refugees and pledged to encourage its network of hosts to provide free or discounted housing to refugees.

Depositphotos a Ukraine-based stock photography platform, launched the royalty-free “Say No To War” collection of images depicting the conflict and protest rallies around the world against the Russian aggression. The company urged the media and private citizens to use the images to spread the word about what is happening in Ukraine.

Bolt a ride hailing app and grocery delivery platform that has a large presence in Eastern Europe has committed to donating 5% of every order in Europe to NGOs supporting Ukraine and its people, as well as making its own donation of €5m

Olga Krakovna – an incredible Ukrainian woman in Canada who is single-handedly raising funds via e-transfer and sending all monies collected to hospitals and organizations helping the elderly. I interviewed Olga on my podcast Breaking Brave. Please take a few minutes and listen to her stories and help if you can.