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This video by Rachel Hollis is both amazing and inspiring. I think Rachel created it as a great inspirational way to kick off the New Year … and it certainly is that. But, it really is so much more!


Failure is the most useful opportunity for learning and improving we have. With each failure, we have the opportunity to improve … but do we?

Here are a couple of tips to make sure that we actually learn from failure rather than rocking in a ball sucking our thumb.

  1. Planning: How much time did you spend planning the best way to achieve your task before you started? How much thought did you give to anticipating hurdles or problems that might arise and to figuring out how you would handle them if they did
  2. Variables in your control: Failure can make us feel passive and helpless and lead us to believe that we’ll never succeed no matter what we do or try. These emotions are variables within our control. Make sure you have a handle on those things that are within your control.
  3. Execution: Was your effort consistent, or did you experience lags in your work ethic, motivation, or mindset?
  4. Preparation: Did you skip this step or did you race through it without much consideration?

As long as you know where and how to look, failure can indeed be a great teacher.

Here is a fabulous book on the power of failure!

Black Box Thinking: Why most people never learn from their mistakes – but some do.

If nothing ever fails, then nothing ever improves … particularly us!

Group of shining and dimmed light bulbs with fibers in a shape of Failure and Success concept words isolated on black background.