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5 years ago I worked with the folks at MTV in New York City on storytelling.

Last year I was back in New York working with a different department at Viacom. On my way to their office, I headed into Starbucks in Times Square to grab a coffee.

I was standing in line waiting for my coffee when someone tapped me on the shoulder

“Hey … you are that girl from Canada who told the story about her first day working on the McDonald’s business … am I right?”

And YES she was right!

What are the odds of standing in the busiest Starbucks in North America and not only meeting someone you worked with … but them remembering the story you told them 5 years ago?

Research shows that messages delivered as stories can be up to 22 times more memorable than just facts.

Storytelling at its core is how human beings communicate. It’s been the tool that we have used to learn since we were infants. People read stories to us until we are able to read for ourselves … and then we are able to dive into our favourite kinds of books, sometimes very late into the night under the covers with a flashlight!

In business presentations, telling a personal story to drive home a point, is the most compelling way to deliver your message!

Sharing a personal story with a group of strangers not only shows them that you are human and vulnerable, it also gives your audience a chance to experience the real you. At the end of the day, we all want to work with people we enjoy being around.

When you share a personal story, everyone in the room has a mini movie switch on in their minds. The audience watches your story as they each see it unfolding in their own brains.

Being memorable is all about being real and vulnerable. Offering a piece of yourself to your audience through a personal story makes you and your presentation both authentic and enjoyable!

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