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Starting immediately, I am making a promise to myself to put down my phone!

Today, tomorrow, and for the rest of my life, there is nothing more important than the people and the life that is unfolding around me … not on the screen in front of me.

If you haven’t seen it already, please take a look at this powerful piece of work from Leo Burnett, Madrid.

What if you were to put your phone away for a single day? No seriously, what if you just left that sucker in your back pocket, in your purse or — and I may be cast out for saying this  —  left it at home for an entire day!

How differently might the day unfold? How many more people might you have an opportunity to engage with and meet?

It’s time to put down our phones. It’s time to start interacting with other people (who aren’t on text, Snapchat or Facebook). It’s time to start living and showing ourselves and the world that the phone is just a phone. It’s time to start reengaging with the world in a way that doesn’t require checking in, Tweeting about it or Snapping about it.

Turn that sucker off and give life, connection, and conversation a chance to make a comeback!

Please try it, you may just like it!

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please put your phone down