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Even Santa Claus Has His Limits in This Powerful Red Cross Ad About Families in Crisis

This Christmas, Adam&eveDDB highlights one of the most important and difficult gifts to give in this world … family.

Please take a look at this brilliant work!

There are a lot of organizations who reach for the stars with their creative messaging at this time of year, hoping to touch the heartstrings, and often the purse strings of consumers. In my humble estimation … most of them fail.

This message from The International Committee of the Red Cross cuts through all of the typical Christmas crap, and gets right to what matters most!

Jenni Smout, Communications Manager at the ICRC said: “We have been reconnecting families for over 150 years and it is some of the most important work we do. We are thrilled to be working again with adam&eveDDB – the agency which elevated Christmas advertising in the UK – to make more people aware of this crucial work as many of us plan to spend the Christmas period with our own families.

We love how they subverted festive tropes we’re used to seeing from brands, to remind us of the thousands of families around the world separated due to conflict, migration or natural disasters.”

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