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When’s the last time you laughed so hard that tears rolled down your face … or you did something that was so engaging, so much fun, you lost track of time?

Recently for CBC, it was at a Managers Summit I facilitated a few weeks ago.

Play is not only essential to our health, but also to our learning!

When you need to focus and learn for a full day, some fun and belly laughs are essential!

Play brings us back to our childhood … and that last bell ringing through the halls before the summer holidays!

Play also helps us connect with other people because we are open in a way that allows them to feel that this is a safe person to be with and maybe even fun to be around.

It’s a way of life that allows us to let our guard down, not be so serious and, as a result, connect better with others.

We all come into the world knowing how to play … as adults, we shouldn’t feel like we have to grow out of it!!!

People who play at work solve problems creatively AND play also makes us more productive.

Our blood pressure goes down and we release dopamine.

In the legendary lyrics of Alice Cooper … School’s out for Summer … School’s out forever… School’s out with fever

It doesn’t matter how old we are or how many years ago school actually ended for us, this song always, always, ALWAYS gets us excited!!

Play is a way of being in the world.

Life is much easier for all of us with a playful approach … even if we don’t have the summer off like our kids!