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We all tap into our creative minds in different ways – and that’s where the most interesting and innovative ideas often come from! In fact when we engage both our left and right hands simultaneously, we use 80% of our brain power!

All of us get there differently which is why the most effective big idea sessions incorporate ways to ignite all 5 senses (sight, smell, touch, sound, and taste). These items are always on the tables!

Sight – colourful toys, pictures, and crayons.

Smell – Play-Doh, and Mr. Sketch scented markers.

Touch – tactile toys, and Play-Doh.

Sound – music.

Taste – candy bags – chocolate, caramels, and gummy bears

It’s truly amazing how many incredible ideas are generated in a session that triggers the sensory igniters!!!

Come and experience ‘How to find your next big idea’ at #IABC19 and take home 1 of my favourite tactile toys!

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