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68% of companies hire external moderators to host events and conference panel discussions. Marilyn has extensive experience hosting events and moderating live panel discussions for a broad range of organizations. Not to mention her regular navigation of frequently sensitive subject matter with ease, as host of the Breaking Brave podcast.

Named a Hidden Gem by Amazon Music, and embarking on its third season, Breaking Brave’s guests include four-time Olympian Silken Laumann, Owner of Neal Brothers Foods, Peter Neal, Chair of Deloitte Canada/Chile Duncan Sinclair, New York Times bestselling author Ann Leary, to name a few.

You can trust that Marilyn will curate the smooth flow of a panel discussion or entire event when engaged as emcee. She understands that hosting panels and events on behalf of your organization represents your brand. She will take the time to understand your business, your specific goals, and your audience.

Marilyn’s seasoned ability to facilitate fascinating conversations as panel moderator is unmatched. No matter the topic, Marilyn injects energy, increases engagement, keeps the conversation moving, and most importantly, connects your speakers with your audience. She is the “glue” that holds the event together to guarantee success!!

For businesses that want to position themselves as industry leaders, the success of your event depends largely on the moderator you hire.

In fact, Marilyn possesses all of the characteristics that make her a perfect fit for your company and audience. She engages the audience with ease and empathy, speaks in clear and concise language communicating with clarity, and stays agile, responsive, and present – ensuring everything stays on track.

Marilyn is a seasoned and powerful moderator who masterfully ensures that the speakers can do their best job, and the audience gets the most out of the day or session.

We have all attended events that seem awkward, disjointed, disconnected, or just plain dull. Running a large, or even small event without some professional know-how can be a daunting job even for the most organized.

A great moderator keeps attendees engaged … avoiding the awkward “dead zones” by having your event flow seamlessly from one conversation to the next.

Consider Marilyn as an investment that will boost your audience engagement and take your event to the next level; leaving attendees energized and wanting more.

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