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Finding the perfect work-life balance hinges on one’s ability to identify and define what is most important to them.

These two things are intrinsically and undeniably linked. When you are empowered to deeply define what’s important to you and why, amazing things begin to come into alignment; often with far less stress and effort than was seemingly required before.

Though it may sound like alchemy at first, this is actually achieved using a very pragmatic and straightforward methodology.

Marilyn will provide the tools you’ll need to define and prioritize your values, rediscover your passion, and unlock what truly lights you up…

Sounds great! But how will this help me achieve work-life balance?

When you are able to be fully conscious of what makes you feel whole and fulfilled, work-life balance becomes dramatically more attainable.

In fact, things that used to feel nearly impossible will start to feel effortless. As long as you remain open to a shift in perspective! There is a simple way to keep up with it all that feels a lot more organic, and a lot less like trying to keep plates balanced on sticks.

What’s more, this powerful approach will set you up for long-term success, and ensure your actions and priorities remain aligned with your bigger picture.

No one can tell you what’s going to work for you… only you can figure that out…. and Marilyn’s process shows you how!

Work/Life Balance