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Event Moderator
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Event Moderator

68% of companies hire external moderators to host events and conference panel discussions. Marilyn has extensive experience hosting events and moderating live panel discussions for a broad range of organizations. Not to mention her regular navigation of frequently sensitive subject matter with ease, as host of the Breaking Brave podcast.

Named a Hidden Gem by Amazon Music, and embarking on its third season, Breaking Brave’s guests include four-time Olympian Silken Laumann, Owner of Neal Brothers Foods, Peter Neal, Chair of Deloitte Canada/Chile Duncan Sinclair, New York Times bestselling author Ann Leary, to name a few.

You can trust that Marilyn will curate the smooth flow of a panel discussion or entire event when engaged as emcee. She understands that hosting panels and events on behalf of your organization represents your brand. She will take the time to understand your business, your specific goals, and your audience.

Marilyn’s seasoned ability to facilitate fascinating conversations as panel moderator is unmatched. No matter the topic, Marilyn injects energy, increases engagement, keeps the conversation moving, and most importantly, connects your speakers with your audience. She is the “glue” that holds the event together to guarantee success!!

For businesses that want to position themselves as industry leaders, the success of your event depends largely on the moderator you hire.

In fact, Marilyn possesses all of the characteristics that make her a perfect fit for your company and audience. She engages the audience with ease and empathy, speaks in clear and concise language communicating with clarity, and stays agile, responsive, and present – ensuring everything stays on track.

Marilyn is a seasoned and powerful moderator who masterfully ensures that the speakers can do their best job, and the audience gets the most out of the day or session.

We have all attended events that seem awkward, disjointed, disconnected, or just plain dull. Running a large, or even small event without some professional know-how can be a daunting job even for the most organized.

A great moderator keeps attendees engaged … avoiding the awkward “dead zones” by having your event flow seamlessly from one conversation to the next.

Consider Marilyn as an investment that will boost your audience engagement and take your event to the next level; leaving attendees energized and wanting more.

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Work/Life Balance
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Work-Life Balance

Finding the perfect work-life balance hinges on one’s ability to identify and define what is most important to them.

These two things are intrinsically and undeniably linked. When you are empowered to deeply define what’s important to you and why, amazing things begin to come into alignment; often with far less stress and effort than was seemingly required before.

Though it may sound like alchemy at first, this is actually achieved using a very pragmatic and straightforward methodology.

Marilyn will provide the tools you’ll need to define and prioritize your values, rediscover your passion, and unlock what truly lights you up…

Sounds great! But how will this help me achieve work-life balance?

When you are able to be fully conscious of what makes you feel whole and fulfilled, work-life balance becomes dramatically more attainable.

In fact, things that used to feel nearly impossible will start to feel effortless. As long as you remain open to a shift in perspective! There is a simple way to keep up with it all that feels a lot more organic, and a lot less like trying to keep plates balanced on sticks.

What’s more, this powerful approach will set you up for long-term success, and ensure your actions and priorities remain aligned with your bigger picture.

No one can tell you what’s going to work for you… only you can figure that out…. and Marilyn’s process shows you how!

“It was an absolute pleasure. You did an incredible job of keeping everyone engaged and guiding everyone through some challenging but incredibly rewarding exercises. It really felt like a 2 for 1 lesson by covering Divergent/Convergent thinking and tying that into Work-Life Balance allowing everyone to discover their own unique path.

Feedback from everyone was all very positive!”

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Bigstorming®/CreativeProblem Solving is a highly interactive methodology guaranteed to kick-start the creative process. It approaches ideation in a fresh, fun, organized and results-driven way that unlocks innovative solutions.

Bigstorming®/Creative Problem Solving offers a framework for creative thinking that enables participants to access uniquely original ideas on the most impactful level. It approaches ideation through scientifically proven techniques that are fun and engaging. Through specific creative exercises, unique tools, and interactive engagement, your teams will build big, breakthrough ideas while learning new skills they’ll have forever.

Designed for everyone in your organization, Bigstorming®/Creative Problem Solving is a team building exercise that uses a highly specific process to unlock new ideas and unearth unique solutions. The more new and diverse faces in the session, the better! A respectful and safe environment makes it comfortable for all participants.

"Marilyn provided my team—already a very creative group of people—with great tools and techniques…we've already been able to sell through strategic, creative public relations recommendations to two clients as a result."

— Lisa Kimmel, Chair & CEO, Canada and Chair, Latin America and Global Women's Equality Network (GWEN) at Edelman
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Marilyn’s keynotes deliver contagious energy and exemplify how and why her approach to creative problem solving consistently works . Her experience and credentials ensure her keynote delivery will align with your goals and exceed expectations.

Great leaders practice what they preach. As an experienced business leader with expertise in creative problem solving, Marilyn gets it! 

Marilyn delivers keynotes globally that are specifically designed to spark innovation and creative ideation within your organization. Through Marilyn’s “tell it like it is” approach, her compelling stories keep the audience engaged in a hands-on, high energy way that exemplifies the power of her expertise as a professional creative problem solver. 

Marilyn’s acclaimed keynote presentations will inspire your organization with the power of human connection and show them the impact of innovation and heartfelt connection, first hand.

“I was first introduced to Marilyn two years ago at a brainstorming off-site with the Integrated Marketing Teams. Marilyn was leading the session and I was truly impressed with her ability to connect and lead a group of over 125 people. I still use takeaways from that off-site in my work today.

"Marilyn has an uncanny ability to adjust her style in order to connect with a variety of professionals as well as continue to engage them in her teachings. I would not hesitate to use her again.”

— Amy Wigler, PBS, VP Multiplatform Marketing & Content
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Keynote Training

Marilyn’s keynote training will enhance your presentation skills. Designed to elevate performance skills in a myriad of ways, Marilyn will help you craft the most compelling and engaging delivery of a keynote presentation, talk, or speech you need to deliver.

This session is designed to assist you in the creation of a new keynote or further develop an existing one to ensure you are confidently able to deliver the most engaging and compelling iteration of your message.

"We had Marilyn develop the agenda and then host not one but two sessions for the Viacom Media Networks' Music and Entertainment group…the feedback was phenomenal from our team and better yet, the actual results of their learnings turned into much better, well-thought out work."

— Dario Spina, CMO, Viacom Velocity at Viacom
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Lego® Serious Play®
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Lego® Serious Play®

Marilyn is one of a handful of individuals certified to facilitate Lego® Serious Play® sessions. They are an extremely effective tool for creative problem solving. Insights, imagination, and creative solutions emerge effortlessly through this unusual methodology.

Lego® Serious Play® is great for groups that consist of stakeholders from all departments and levels of your corporation. This unique, strategic process is proven to promote equality and collaboration, while providing creative solutions to highly complex situations.

"I can see a tremendous difference in the quality of our ideas and we’ve been impressing our clients ever since. You’ve brought a new breath of life to our everyday business. We thank you!"

— Emma Fachini, Director, National Sales at Corus Entertainment
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Emotion is the fast lane to the brain! Since 90% of our decisions are influenced by emotion, it is critical to engage audiences on an emotional level. Stories build human connection. Human connection builds trust.

“A story is the greatest vehicle ever invented for an idea”
—Aaron Sorkin

Learn engaging ways to add emotion and authenticity to your brand, product, service or presentation by crafting a compelling story. Turn tradition on its head, and train your brain to engage with others in a more effective and memorable way.

Meant for anyone who wants to increase engagement and elevate their brand story, presentation, product, or service. You’ll learn how to transform an “explanation” into a compelling story and how to deliver it with passion and authenticity.

"I have worked with Marilyn Barefoot on several training sessions at Viacom. She is lovely to work with and really is passionate about what she does. We never had a concern about her ability to deliver a powerful workshop or keep the audience’s attention.
She is engaging and entertaining. Her agency background has provided her with great experience for us and her stories (anecdotes) help bring concepts to life.

"We have received positive feedback from our IM team members on all the off-sites she has led and we would most definitely recommend her internally as well as externally."

— Samantha Newman, SVP, Marketing Strategy & Operations at Viacom Velocity
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Innovative strategy and flawless implementation belong to those who take strategic planning to the next level in courageous ways. An innovative combination of divergent and convergent thinking tools elevate strategic sessions. 

Our Strategic Planning sessions expertly take your team on a journey that leads to actionable results. Using hands-on collaborative activities, stakeholders envision the future including core values, goal setting, timelines, and responsibilities.

These sessions are excellent for strategic teams, leadership teams, creative teams and client-facing teams; all have benefited in multiple organizations. You already have great people; now give them the opportunity to share their ideas and shape the future. 

“Marilyn Barefoot has a unique ability to see the big picture and help connect the dots…which helped deliver breakthrough results.”

— Kevin Matier, Vice President & General Manager, North America at Campbell Soup Company
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