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I bet we got your attention with that headline!

Well, these 2 fabulous ladies are definitely getting a lot of attention with their new business named exactly that, ‘She’s On Top’.

A couple of weeks ago I was introduced to Tracy Hornik and Jessica Wright at a super cool coffee shop in the east end of Toronto (Tango Palace).

These 2 talented women have been in business exactly 4 months … and they are already setting the world on fire.

Tracy and Jessica produce videos profiling entrepreneurial women of all ages and stages in business.

Their vision is to inspire, support and connect female business owners.

Please take a look at a couple of their most recent videos.

The first one profiles an amazing young millennial influencer named Kelly Lovell.

This next one is near and dear to my heart since it features Julie Cole of Mabel’s Labels (I was a huge customer during all the years my kids attended camp!).

Thank you Tracy and Jessica for everything you are doing to make such a difference in the hearts, minds and spirits of all of us!

Whenever I need inspiration I look to both of you and your awesome circle of connections.

Please join the ‘She’s On Top’ community here … I promise you these ladies will never disappoint.

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