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We’d be crazy if we didn’t … stop using the word crazy!

Louisa, and I had just finished a storytelling workshop at the North York General Hospital when I was approached by one of the guests.

She asked me if she could have a discussion with me about the use of the word ‘crazy’ … that conversation changed my life!

For the last 12 years I have consistently done a couple things as a wrap-up to storytelling workshops, and brainstorming sessions. I hand out index cards and ask the guests to write an ‘AHA’ moment on one side of the card. I then ask them to flip the card over and finish the following sentence in their own words … ‘We’d be crazy if we didn’t …’

A few of the guests then share what they wrote on their cards. It’s always been a very positive and insightful way to end the day.

… Except until it wasn’t … on October 26th, 2017 when wrapping up after the NYGH storytelling session, I became educated.

I was educated by a guest who explained to me that the word ‘crazy’ can, and does have a very meaningful negative impact on people who have been labelled ‘crazy’ by society.

I was completely shocked and devastated! How could I have been so insensitive?! I literally could not stop apologizing!

She was so lovely, and so kind as she explained that it was not my fault … ‘it’s just the way people are accustomed to speaking’ she said.

‘Bell Let’s Talk’ day on January 31st is all about education. I encourage you to support the incredibly important work they are doing.

Click here for the Bell Let’s Talk website. | Click here for the Bell Let’s Talk T.V. spot.

And before I left NYGH that day, I made a promise to the guest, and to myself that I would do my utmost to permanently eliminate the word ‘crazy’ from my vocabulary!

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Stop using the word crazy