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Before COVID-19 my entire business was in-person! Speaking and training remotely was something I had never done.

As it became clear that virtual was the only way forward, I started looking around for software that looked and felt like it would fit my in-person style.

I not only discovered, but have fallen completely in love with STORMZ


I knew I wouldn’t have the discipline to learn it properly on my own, so I hired a certified STORMZ trainer … hands down the best decision I have ever made!

STORMZ allows you to design and facilitate any kind of collaborative workshop either in person or remotely with small or large groups.

I am still learning, but my coach told me this morning that I may now be ready to facilitate a few practice brainstorming sessions on my own.

I can’t wait!!!

Since this is completely new to me, the more practice I get the better.

Please let me know if you have a problem you would like to brainstorm. We can jump into a STORMZ session and give it a try … and of course this is completely free of charge!