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Pixar is arguably one of the greatest storytellers of our generation.

I had the incredible privilege of experiencing this for myself when my team was invited to Los Angeles by Disney for a Pixar presentation.

It took place in the Kodak theatre where every available bell and whistle was available to a presenter! 

Instead, when we took our velvet seats, there on the stage stood a single stool with a bottle of water on it.

Out onto the stage walked John Lasseter, Executive Vice President of Pixar.

For the next 2 hours we laughed, we cried, and we sat on the edge of our seats as John told us the story of Finding Nemo.

Occasionally he sipped from his bottle of water … but other than that … there was nothing but the story … no visuals, no music, no slides, no props, nothing but an incredibly well told story.

Each and every one of us was captivated!!We pictured every detail of the undersea adventures of Nemo and his friends in our minds.

John Lasseter understands perhaps better than anyone that effective storytelling involves a ‘deep understanding of human emotions, motivations, and psychology in order to truly move an audience’.

He also understands that every great story has a clear and defined structure … if it doesn’t then it just won’t work!

Here is the article that shares some amazing story structure tips from Pixar.


Please share with us some incredible storytellers that have captivated you!

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