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Every day the world is becoming more and more technologically advanced!

As this happens, it is also becoming a lot easier to bring creative minds closer together and take brilliant ideas further.

Some ways you can use technology to harness and boost creative thinking and expression include:

1. Blogging

Technology has enabled blogging which is an effective way for the development of creative thinking and writing.

When you blog, you openly express ideas that intrigue you, which encourages you to incorporate creativity in the material you share.

You practice and feel more responsible for your own creative expression and learning.

2. Engage Anonymously Online 

Creating an account free of identifying information in online communities encourages people to add content without repercussion. Not that I am encouraging this, but if you are super shy … this can help!

The way anonymity increases your creativity is by removing the conventional barriers placed on contributors.

The shy person may refrain from sharing an idea with a group in person, but that same individual may feel comfortable using an anonymous moniker online to share thoughts, amateur poems or the like.

YouTube, Reddit, Twitter — they all have a generous portion of anonymous users sharing their ideas — for better or worse.

3. Simulate Failure

The truth is a lot of creative ideas fail, which is why testing is important.

Thanks to technology you can easily test, prototype and even simulate failure in the virtual world as many times as you like at minimal cost. You can experiment with business models, tweak designs, and test the market before you invest resources. The more you experiment in the virtual world, the more you learn and the more you succeed in the real one!

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