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In a previous blog post we talked about the significance and importance of olfactory igniters.

People have different sensory triggers when thinking creatively, particularly brainstorming, so it’s important to make sure you have thought about all five senses when preparing for your session.

First, let’s literally and figuratively take a look at some effective ways to fire up your sight sensory system.

The Sight Sensory System and its Connection to Brainstorming

Sight is processed visually. Visual sensory stimuli is ‘picked up’ through visual receptors located in the eye and are stimulated by light, colour and movement.

Once again, I return to childhood memories and some of the amazing toys associated with that time of life. Kids are so attracted to highly visual toys that there are a ton to choose from!

Several toys that I personal enjoyed as a child have been incorporated into our brainstorming sessions. Guests love them!


‘You get what you pay for’ truly applies here. If you decide to purchase a kaleidoscope for your next brainstorming session, buy the best you can find.

Mirrors, angles and other ordinary objects working together scientifically create the images and colours you see when looking through a kaleidoscope. The better the kaleidoscope, the more intense the colours and the movement of the shapes!

Jacob’s Ladder

This is a colourful wooden toy that derives its name from a connection between the earth and heaven that the biblical Patriarch Jacob dreams about during his flight from his brother Esau, as described in the Book of Genesis.

Most people I work with have never seen one before! If you decide to purchase a Jacob’s Ladder, keep an eye out for the most colourful ones.

Check out this video of one in action:


Glow Sticks

These are fun, multi-coloured, light-up sticks that can be linked together to form chains, bracelets or necklaces. You need lots to really make an impressive visual impact, so buy them online in bulk!

Sight sensory igniters are plentiful and fun to collect. Give these three favourites a try or take a trip to a toy store and discover some new ones! Please let me know if you have any personal favourites!

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Sight Sensory Igniters