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Today’s professional development guests seek a learning environment that is not as obsolete as traditional training rooms, but that is specifically engineered to support thinking.

They prefer the learning environment that pushes their learning capacity with altering strategies and teaching practices.

They want to be a part of an impactful learning setting that provides a sense of achievement while they can be adaptive and interactive with fellow learners as well as instructors.

In brief, they want to be active and engaged players throughout the learning course. How to cover those needs?

Going outside takes away the boundaries of walls. It opens us up to new ideas not to mention increased natural energy, boosted problem-solving skills, better health, reduced stress, improved mood and better teamwork! Experts say that outdoor learning is amazing because it makes us healthier and happier, and we retain more. Check out these impressive facts;

1. People who experience an outdoor learning environment tend to be more attentive and, therefore, have a better recollection of the information that was shared.

2. Consistent exposure to nature decreases stress and anxiety, helps elevate mood, and helps with emotion.

3. We all have too much exposure to digital screens via televisions, computers, and cell phones. This can result in a “nature deficit disorder,” which can literally make us sick.

4. Outdoor environments naturally inspire us to be more physically active.

5. Exposure to bright sunlight found in nature is healthy for vision.

6. In outdoor settings, we are more motivated to work together in groups, so team building is greatly enhanced.

I recently had the honour and privilege of working with TED Canada at their retreat in Whistler.

The weather was incredible, so took advantage of the blue skies and warm temperatures by doing most of our ideation session outside.

Creating big ideas can be tiring work for our brains. But, when you take it outside, it’s totally invigorating!

Here is a picture of the glorious surroundings we called our classroom that day. … and the ideas … well they were even more glorious!

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